I was shocked when my insurer denied my claim for lightning damage to a fridge, but Solve My Claim were fantastic! They assessed the damage, spoke to our electrician and sent a letter to our insurer, and before you know it the claim was accepted and we received our money in full! Solve My Claim are the REAL DEAL! It was so easy.

Bill & Maree, Barraba Café, NSW (Bill & Maree's insurer had already denied their claim when we got involved, and helped to overturn that decision and get them the money they were entitled to)

I wasn't happy with the way my claim was progressing, but didn't know what to do. Solve My Claim managed to get it settled for me really quickly, and now I have the money in the bank. Thanks Solve My Claim!

Jo Robertson, Alice Springs NT (We helped Jo to have her bathroom damage claim resolved in the way she wanted, giving her the cash to fully renovate the room instead).

I would recommend solvemyclaim.com.au any time! Fabulous service every time, and good outcomes too. (Note from Solve My Claim - we have helped Fe and her husband solve not one, but two motor vehicle claims this year! Both times we managed to achieve full resolutions).

Fe & Jamie Tasker, Araluen NT

Our insurer was trying to convince us to accept gift-cards that we didn't want, instead of paying out our contents claim. We were really frustrated, until we contacted Solve My Claim. Needless to say, we received the cash settlement we wanted, once we had an expert on the case.

Hilda & David Caine, Sydney NSW

"In August, I had to lodge my first ever insurance claim. The genuine, proactive and highly professional information and advice I received from Solve My Claim assisted me with ensuring the claim was accepted, and the contacts to start the repair work. I would not want to be in a claim situation, but if I am, I know where to go for advice - Solve My Claim."

Dr Yiheyis Maru, Larapinta NT (Yiheyis' insurer were attempting to deny his claim for water damage from a leaking shower, but thanks to our expert advice, the claim was accepted and paid in full).

I would just like to thank you guys for the fast and efficient way you helped my parents with their claim after storm damage in Sydney. As in some cases, as our parents get a little older we worry about them being taken advantage of which is exactly what their long term insurance company was trying to do! After " Solve My Claim" stepped in the claim was settled very quickly and with no fuss or stress for my parents (or me) Thank you for your kindness...What a great and honest Australian business to deal with!

Mrs Mary-Jo Wheeler, Sydney NSW (Mary-Jo's parents had $50,000 worth of property damage and her insurer only offered $33,000 until Solve My Claim came to the rescue. Within weeks, we had managed to increase the insurer's offer by over $16,000)

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you - your customer service at Solve My Claim has been exceptional! Thank you for your prompt responses and for handling my mechanical repair claim so effectively and efficiently. I felt confident to leave my case in your hands and appreciated being kept up-to-date re communication with the insurer. I am really pleased that your carefully-worded letters and phone calls produced the desired outcome from my claim in such a short time when I would have been waiting months if I had attempted it myself. I have been very happy with your service and would not hesitate to recommend you to others because of your expertise, knowledge and advice!

Naomi Findlay, Gillen NT (We helped Naomi recover over $10,000 after a mechanical service went wrong with her car, damaging her motor).

Getting in touch with David and his Solve My Claim team was the best thing my partner and I could have done! Our insurance company denied a claim for our roof that had been damaged in cyclone Marcia. Solve My Claim's expertise turned a full denial into the insurance company 100% accepting our claim which meant a complete new roof. Apart from the know how and expertise, I have never found it so easy to deal with someone or for someone to be as genuine as David is. Would recommend, use again and advocate in a heart beat!! Thank you sincerely so very very much David.

Kathryn Bolt, Rockhampton QLD (Kathryn had a claim denied for a cyclone damaged roof, and we managed to have that decision overturned, resulting in an additional $30,000 being paid out).

Our insurance was denied after the cyclone, we contacted David and he turned the whole process around and helped us to achieve a brilliant outcome. David kept us updated through the whole dispute process and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. We can't recommend David enough for the help he has given us through this, to us a very daunting process that he made so very easy.

Leon Chalk, Rockhampton QLD

Our claim was small, but lightning strikes that knock out all the electrical/electronic equipment in your house cause their own stresses - particularly when your insurer settles the claim in gift-cards for a store that doesn't even sell what you lost. David was wonderful in knowing just how to contest that decision, and we received our settlement in cash. Solve My Claim provides the know-how and the service that makes all the difference! "Big or small - Solve My Claim solves them all!"

Hilda & David Caine - Hunters Hill NSW

Our boundary fence was destroyed during cyclone Marcia. We did everything correctly in getting quotes from local licensed builders and submitted them to the insurance company, only to have the insurance company reduce the settlement to 1/3 of the repair cost. We spent months trying to have my claim re assessed instead of a standard per-metre rate being used to work out the settlement amount. After months of trying we read an article in the local newspaper about Solve My Claim and contacted them immediately. Solve My Claim contacted our insurer, and one week later the insurance company agreed to settle our claim for the full amount. I wish we had contacted David sooner, thank you David and Solve My Claim.

Luke and Bec Moore, Rockhampton QLD

When I called Solve My Claim, I was at my wits end. My insurance company was refusing to pay out storm damage and only offering me $33,000 when the damage would cost $50,000 to properly fix. No matter what I did, they told me that this was the maximum they would pay. I couldn't believe when Solve My Claim were able to assess the property, organise another builder to come out as well as the insurance assessor, and within days the offer had increased to the full $50,000. I was so impressed I paid MORE than the amount they charged me, because their price was too good - not enough for what they did for me. Thanks so much David and your team at Solve My Claim! You are amazing.

Jack Van Duuren, Miranda, NSW

I had spent months trying to make a HBCF claim for waterproofing failures to my near new house, but every approach was denied, even after I appealed to the NT Director of Building Services. That's when I got Solve My Claim on my side, to help me fight the might of the NT Government. David couldn't do enough to help, fighting every step, through rejection after rejection, until finally they accepted their responsibility and paid out. In the end, we are getting a brand new bathroom and ensuite, and this only happened thanks to the great work from Solve My Claim. I can't speak highly enough about how Solve My Claim has helped us, when we thought we had nowhere else to turn, they came to the rescue.

Kate & Ben Wade, Alice Springs NT (SMC NOTE - HBCF refers to Home Building Certification Fund - a NT specific fund similar in nature to builders warranty insurance. We have now taken on a number of HBCF claims, and if you have ever had a HBCF claim refused or denied, we would love to hear from you too).

Solve My Claim I cannot thank you enough for fighting for us against the insurance company you were very easy to deal with and know your stuff. If any one has any problems with a claim get onto David at Solve My Claim. Bloody awesome!

Rene Frenken, Rockhampton

Our special thanks to Solve My Claim who after wading through 100 pages of reports on the damage to our pool caused by our neighbours garden shed during Cyclone Marcia and lodging an appeal on our behalf, our insurance company has now agreed to replace it. It's a great outcome achieved in a short time.

Russell & Lynell Collins, Yeppoon QLD

I would like to.thank the crew from Solve My Claim. I have been paying for insurance for thirty years never made a claim. Then along comes a cyclone in February, damaged my roof, my insurance company denied my claim. but thanks to Solve My Claim l am finally getting my roof fixed. Thanks again to you wonderful people. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. David you have the most awesome crew. Can't thank you enough.

Roslyn Sinclair, Depot Hill QLD

This is a difficult letter to write because I owe you so much for all the extra work you have done for me. My house will be back to normal because of it. Thank you so much. I know God will continue to bless you In your work for Him. I thank you once again.

Annette Draper, Rockhampton

Solve My Claim has achieved a very successful outcome and deserve a gold medal for their professionalism, skill and empathy. They achieved more for us in 3 months than 2 lawyers achieved in 7 years, and didn't charge us $22,000! We cannot speak highly enough of Solve My Claim, and we will be forever grateful that they were so willing to pursue our claim and not put us into the 'too hard basket' like so many others. We were at our wits end when we found out about Solve My Claim - our only regret is that we didn't meet David 7 years ago!

Michael & Lenise Copas, Sheffield, TAS (SMC note - we helped Michael & Lenise with a fairly complex Builders' Warranty claim, and managerd to achieve an $84,000 settlement for them within a few months, when they had been fighting the matter legally for 7 years without success).

Solve My Claim, assisted in my Mother-in-laws insurance claim for major water damage to her residential property. Without David's insight, knowledge and absolute support throughout the claims process, I am sure that her claim may have been more difficult to manage. David provided onsite support when Assessors attended, in addition to numerous phone calls, emails and visits to facilitate a smooth claim process. We definitely will be promoting this business and service to anyone requiring insurance claims in the future. Thanks David

Kerrie-Anne Fior, Araluen NT

We have had amazing help from David at Solve My Claim and we highly recommend Solve My Claim's services to all.

Michael & Donne Hacche, East Side NT

Thank you so much for all your time, effort and expertise in solving our claim. To have someone who listened to us, made us feel valued and who understood all the legalese involved in our claim was nothing short of amazing. Whilst our claim was only a small one compared to others, your dedication was second to none and ensured that instead of a small payout to make us go away we ended up with a complete roof replacement. Highly recommend your services and we know exactly where to go next time we are unhappy with our insurance claims response.

Kim Blair, Sydney NSW

I cannot rate David highly enough! His knowledge and willingness to help not only myself, but the whole Whitsunday community after cyclone Debbie is nothing short of amazing. Thank you!

Kiera Sloan, Proserpine QLD

Love Solve my Claim - Thanks for my successful windfall that I recently received, thanks to you & your persuasive hard work. Much appreciated!

Narelle Knox, Tennant Creek NT