Loss Adjusting / Claims Assessing

Having many years of loss adjusting and assessing experience, we are well placed to provide adjusting or assessing services for your claim too.

When an adjuster or an assessor is appointed by, and paid for by an insurance company, they have an ethical obligation to look after the interests of the insurance company first and foremost. This creates an inherent conflict of interest and in our view is one of the big challenges of the insurance claims process in its current form. 

You may not require dispute resolution or advocacy services, but merely want an expert assessor or adjuster who is genuinely independent and has no obligation to look after your insurance company’s interests, to inspect and report on your damaged property or your business claim.

If you are in need of assessing or adjusting services, we would love to speak with you so that one of our adjusters can provide you with the professional services that you require.

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