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It had been 9 months of battling with our insurance company - Sadness dealing with the cyclone first with so many people with their property destroyed. We signed a contract to repair the property and the insurance company still didn't repair our property. I was so frustrated with the whole process as there was no care factor that this was our home. As most people, still paying our premiums and trusting that the house would be repaired. A friend of mine mentioned David from Solve My Claim, well we are the most grateful people and that we made this phone call to him. He took away the pressure that I can say without Solve My Claim I still believe we would be fighting the insurance company today. Finally settled like many others because of the Angel that helped us...from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for helping solve our claim and move on with our lives.

Julie & Glenn Sutton, Cannonvale QLD

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