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Have you ever felt that your insurance company is not listening to you? That no matter how many valid points you raise, the insurer simply ignores you and proceeds with their own plans anyway? 

Many of our clients have told us how empowering it is to have an advocate to speak for them, and to challenge the insurance company and its service providers throughout the claim process, when they refuse to listen. 

We have the same expertise as your insurer, having spent many years managing and assessing claims for major insurers prior to stepping into the role of claims advocate. We are acutely aware of every step of the claim process, and can ensure that your rights are fully protected, whilst also having the language and knowledge to demonstrate to your insurer the reasons that your claim should be paid based on the terms of your insurance contract.

Insurance companies are obligated to provide you with both an internal dispute resolution (IDR) service and an external dispute resolution service (AFCA – Australian Financial Complaints Authority), and we have a strong track record at advocating for our clients with both services, with significant success. 

If you are struggling with any aspect of your insurance claim, we would love to be your advocate, to ensure that you receive a fair and just outcome, and that your voice is heard and listened to.

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