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Solve My Claim is about justice and fairness for all people. Everyone deserves a just and fair outcome for their claim, and my team is passionate about doing all we can to achieve this for every one of our customers. When all of the ‘experts’ in an insurance claim are working to protect the interests of the insurance company, you need an expert in your corner who will work equally hard to protect your rights. This ‘levels the playing field’ and gives you a much stronger chance of a fair outcome for your claim. We will act with professionalism and integrity to ensure that you have the best possible representation right through your claim, which will ultimately give you the best possible result.

– David Keane, Managing Director & CEO, Solve My Claim

David Keane – Managing Director & CEO

“David commenced his career in the insurance industry in 1996, and during many years of managing motor vehicle, property and commercial claims, saw first-hand the challenges that regular customers face when trying to navigate the insurance claims process.

Recognising the need for quality advocacy services, and alarmed at the lack of options that were available at that time, David strongly felt that this was an area of injustice for many that needed to be resolved. This process resulted in Solve My Claim commencing in 2014, and since that time, David has helped literally thousands of regular families and businesses to navigate their insurance claims, ensuring their interests are fully accounted for and that their claims are properly resolved.

David is passionate about justice and fairness, and is committed to not only solving individual claims, but to bring change to the industry to ensure that genuinely independent claims expertise is accessible to everyone, and that insurance companies act with integrity and fairness for all of their customers.”

Nicole Siguenza – Senior Claims Consultant

Nicole was first exposed to claims advocacy in 2018, when she had a motor vehicle claim unfairly denied, and reached out to Solve My Claim for assistance and support. Having worked in social justice enterprises previously and already having a passion to fight against issues of injustice around the world, she experienced firsthand the significant benefit that an appropriately qualified and experienced advocate can bring to the insurance claims process for the everyday consumer, who is otherwise at a considerable disadvantage.

Nicole joined the Solve My Claim team in 2019 and has gained considerable knowledge and skills as an insurance professional since that time. Her passion is to ensure that every customer is properly represented, and that claims are managed fairly and with integrity, and she will do all within her power to ensure that you receive justice if you are ever in the unfortunate position of having to make a claim against your insurer too

Vicky Carter – Administrator

Vicky joined the Solve My Claim team in early 2022 and has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge in the areas of administration, office management, customer relations, and online media. Her bright and bubbly demeanor and passion for customer service keep the office running smoothly, allowing our claims managers to focus on solving your individual claims disputes.

When you call us for help or assistance, you will likely speak with Vicky in the first instance, and her passion to help all our customers shines through in every conversation. Among her many achievements is our brand-new website, and our administrative systems have greatly improved due to her involvement.

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