For more than 23 years, I have been involved in the insurance industry, primarily in the area of claims management, loss adjusting and assessing services. During this time, I was constantly amazed at how many of my friends and family, and then 'friends of friends' came to me with insurance problems, complaints, disputes and claims problems. Knowing that I had experience in this area, they would seek me out for help. In most cases, my knowledge of ‘the system’ meant that I could improve their position, often by a significant margin.

I soon discovered that many of my colleagues were also regularly approached by their friends and acquaintances with insurance problems to see if they could offer advice or help.

By now, I was realising just how common it was for people to experience insurance problems, and aside from going to a solicitor, there was nowhere for them to turn. Being a compassionate person who can’t stand injustice, I couldn’t stand by and do nothing. And Solve My Claim is the ultimate result of this process.

Solve My Claim is unique in that my team are all genuine claims handling experts, having spent years working on ‘the other side of the fence’ for the insurance company. No matter what situation you are facing, it is highly likely we have dealt with similar situations many times, and will know what can be done.

In recent years, we have helped many hundreds of Australian families resolve disputed claims from Cyclone Marcia (Rockhampton 2015) and Cyclone Debbie (Whitsundays 2017), and have achieved more than $21 million worth of increased claims settlements in the past 3 years alone. We have expertise in property, motor vehicle, business and other commercial claims, and can assist in a very wide range of circumstances. 

We are also unique in the industry, in that we are genuinely independent. We have no affiliations with any insurance company or brokerage, and we do not receive any commissions from any source. In essence, we are your very own claims department, and we ONLY work for you!

I look forward to being able to assist you to solve your claim, and can’t wait to hear from you.

David Keane