Your initial enquiry will entitle you to a FREE telephone consultation with one of our claims experts, for the purpose of gaining a better understanding of your situation so we can ascertain the best way to solve your claim.

At the end of this telephone consultation, we will give you a specific proposal, outlining how we can assist you. We will outline what needs to be done, and will give you a clear indication of the cost involved, so you can make an informed decision. Best of all, you will only pay a small "claim management fee" initially, and the balance of our fee will only be payable if we successfully resolve your claim or tangibly improve your settlement offer from the insurance company. So we share the risk with you! You can't get any fairer than that. 

Remember, we are available to act as your very own 'claims team' right through the process - in other words, to solve your claim on your behalf. We can speak with insurers, debtors, creditors or any other party with whom you may have a dispute or problem. Our team has dealt with untold thousands of insurance claims, over almost 24 years, and we have great confidence in our ability to resolve many disputes in your favour. In fact, if there is any possibility of resolving a matter in your best interests, we will likely know how it can be done.

While we can't promise that every dispute will be resolved in your favour, we will do all in our power to ensure the best possible result for you. One thing is for sure, our expertise and the vast experience of our team in matters such as yours, will give you a huge advantage in ensuring that your dispute can be resolved.

We have already helped many hundreds of people just like you to solve their claims, and we look forward to working with you to Solve Your Claim too!