In the first instance, our expert claims team will contact you by telephone, to learn more about your situation, and give you a clear indication about the assistance we can offer to you, as well as the cost involved. This will enable you to make an informed decision, and we can get on with the process of solving your claim.

If you decide to proceed, one of our claims experts will be appointed as your personal consultant, and will continue acting as your representative all the way through, until your claim has been resolved.

We don't promise that every situation can be resolved in your favour, and we want to make that clear. If your situation is beyond resolution, we will tell you straight, rather than charging you for a service in which you have little to no chance of success.

What we can promise, though, is to be able to give you a clear understanding of the situation you are faced with, explain the issues from an insurance point of view and to provide you with a detailed explanation of your options. You can have full confidence that our advice will ALWAYS be independent, and that our team members have a vast array of personal claims-handling expertise. In many cases, your chance of improving your situation may be better than you realise.

At any rate, what have you got to lose? The fact that you are reading this suggests that you are in a difficult position and could do with some expert help. Why not let our team "jump into your corner" and give you the best chance of success! We are waiting to help you.